Walter Lemmen

Walter Lemmen GmbH offer a wide range of products for industry, laboratories, research and development centres. Our product portfolio consists of all types of equipment necessary for the PCB production. Single sided and double sided boards, through hole plated or multilayer PCB of professional quality are quickly available. An extensive range of accessories e.g. copper boards and chemicals completes our product program. Beside the standard program, Walter Lemmen offer different apparatus on customers requests. We are ready to assist you with our technical experience and our state-of-the-art know-how in planning and construction your equipment. The apparatus are mainly produced in our company in Kreuzwertheim, Germany. All you need is your layout and in a few working steps the PCB is ready for assembly.

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Etching and Developing Unit

Ministar type N/H
System Rotor 400
Etching Center S20/S30
Etching Center T20/T30
Etching Center V200/V300
In-line Module CONVERT 2300

Etching and Developing Unit – Special Design

Etching Center PP for gold-etching – Special Design
Etching Center S30 with Stripper -Special Design
Etching Center S30 with Stripper, volume flow control and pressure indication
In-line machine CONVERT for stripping – Special Design

Electroplating Equipment

Compacta L300/L400

Through hole plating units – Special Design

Compacta for electroless nickel and gold
Compacta for nickel and gold plate incl. Gold recovering unit
Compacta with fume exhaust tube
Compacta incl. Desmear, shipley process

Direct Imaging Systems

Limata UV-P50 Direct Imaging System

Surface Protection

Protec CH
Protec SN

Sheet Shear

Type 530
Type S650/S650M

Drilling Machines

CNC drilling and routing machine CCD and CCD SW with automatic tool changer unit

Brushing Module

RBM300 / RBM400


RMP 210


AIR 2000
Universal oven ULM 400

Exposure Units

Aktina E/U
Aktina S
Light box

Dip coating unit

LTB 300, LTB 400


RLM 419 / RLM 426

Raster Photoplotter


Waste Water Processing

IONEX 1500

Local Support

Providing customer with the right advice and therefor enhanced in productivity, is our priority! If there is any enquiries or support request, please contact us!

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Etching and Developing Unit

Recycling Systems

Recyflow RF20 / RF60

Filter Systems

T 1 / T2 / T3

Filtration Unit

Recirculation unit for rinsing water used in brushing machines
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Copper Board
Exhaust Hoods and Safety Tanks
Drill bits and routers
Clamping Devices and Squeeze Dryers
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