Unifire AB is a globally-renowned manufacturer of high quality, stainless steel robotic nozzles (also traditionally known as remote controlled “monitors” or “water cannons”) for a variety of industries, including riot control, firefighting, anti-pirate defense, mining and others. Unifire’s robotic nozzles are extremely reliable and long-lasting. They feature brushless (BLDC) motors, highly advanced electronics for integration with other systems, CANbus communication, the ability to control them with a wide variety of joysticks made by Unifire and 3rd party solutions, and even by tablet, laptop, smartphone, and more. For more information see: RiotCannons.com and RoboticNozzles.com.


Anti-Pirate Water Cannons






Unifire AB is a proud member of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry, or “SAMI” (www.seasecurity.org). Together we seek to bring a high level of standards and credibility to the industry of providing security to the maritime industry. Read more about SAMI here.









Unifire is leading the way in the non-lethal battle against pirate attacks and hijackings at sea. Learn about our effective systems to protect your fleet, ship or yacht by watching the following video and by visiting our web site devoted to our Anti-Pirate Water Cannon Systems at PirateSafe.com