Ucam CAM++

Powerful, fast and error-free tool generation, automated integration with costing & planning systems. In-built dynamic automation and a user-interface structured for advanced manufacturing technologies ensure a fast roll-out.

Ucam uFlex

Powerful tool-sets help product engineers develop innovative and effective solutions for cutting-edge designs, while highly flexible automation routines take care of the repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks which hamper engineering creativity.

Ucam-Polar Link

This software links UCAM with Polar’s Speedstack PCB stackup design and documentation system to facilitate ease communication of complex PCB stackups between CAM and engineering.

Ucam SmartPlate

Software to predict the required plating thickness. This module is developed in cooperation with Elsyca, a company delivering intelligent modeling software, engineering services and hardware solutions for the electrochemical industry.


Automates data entry and design analysis in a pre-CAM environment. Obtain faster and more accurate information for quoting and product engineering; complete CAM data right at the beginning of the tooling process.


Ucam SmartPlot is a productive and secure data-preparation seat for Mania's PhotoPlotters, such as: SilverWriter and Calibr8tor.


SmartTest is a productive and secure dedicated data-preparations seat for Mania's Electrical Test Systems, such as: Loc8, Ultim8, Acceler8, m8, Valid8 and Micro.


Ucam SmartAOI is a productive and secure dedicated data-preparation seat for Mania's AOI machines, such as: Argos, Titan, autom8tor, T8T DT and T8T ST.


Delivers defect review for your entire electrical test shopfloor from one single application, no matter how many different makes and models of test equipment you run.


Fixgenius provides more reliable fixtures with shorter set-up time and higher first-time pass rate. No matter how complex the job is, it is a mere matter of minutes before the test solution is ready. Automated functions save hours of laborious editing.


HyperTool is a our advanced customization resource for UCAM. It allows you to build true application extensions to current UCAM functionality, adding unlimited customization possibilities to maximize your CAM productivity and reliability.

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