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World Leading Developer of Fast Magnetic Near-Field Measurement Tools

Catering for both Printed Circuit Board Engineers & Antenna Engineers, EMSCAN provides a leading edge lab bench solutions for magnetic very-near-field measurement. EMSCAN has helped change the design process for leading manufacturers of cellular, WiFi, RFID, militray, consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor & medical services.

EMSCAN Products

We provide real-time low-cost desktop chambers that are efficient and cost-effective, eliminate the need for an anechoic chamber for pre-compliance and performance tests and offer accelerated time-to-market. EMSCAN solutions are 1/10th of a chamber’s cost and operate 100 times faster.

EMC diagnostic tool to rapidly diagnose and solve EMC/EMI problems with real-time PCB emission analysis

APM tool enabling to quickly evaluate performance and optimize designs with real-time antenna performance characterization

Test results in seconds

Easy to use

Compact and tabletop

Significant time-to-market acceleration

Dramatic increase in production

Substantial cost reduction

Why EMSCAN Solutions Are Right For You

You can execute real-time analysis of your design, test multiple design iterations and optimize complex designs on your lab-bench in seconds at each stage of the design process. You want to avoid the delays and set-up needed for far-field measurements in a chamber. EMSCAN solutions not only require low CAPEX and zero OPEX, they also deliver significant ROI advantages.

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