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At Simplified Solutions, our goal is to help Mechanical and Electrical Engineers develop more detailed 3D PCBs in CAD. Our 3D PCB Component Libraries, Tools, and Services have helped many companies create 3D Circuit Boards and develop products faster with fewer PCB geometry design errors.

3D PCB Library Components are available in STEP Format for Altium Designer Users, users can download and import our 3D STEP Library Components into designs to create 3D PCBs. These 3D boards can be exported from Altium Designer via STEP. Mechanical Engineers can now view and work with accurate the 3D PCBs in MCAD.

Other Services we offer include 3D PCB Generation from IDF Files, Custom Component Library Build Services, Intermediate Data File Viewers, IDF Filter Tools, and custom scripts to support Pro/ECAD and other ECAD/MCAD Integration Tasks.

3D PCB STEP Component Libraries (Altium ECAD and MCAD Users):

Simplified Solutions’ 3D STEP Library includes 2,000+PCB STEP Models of Common Component Packages to import in to Alitum Designer.
3D STEP Library Component Geometry, Component Naming Convention, and Component Orientation match IPC7351 Standards and PCB Library Footprints.
3D STEP Library User Interface 3D STEP Library User Interface
Local Support

Providing customer with the right advice and therefor enhanced in productivity, is our priority! If there is any enquiries or support request, please contact us!