On-Demand Live Webinar: Resolve PDN issues during your board layout process with PDN ANalyzer 2.0

With digital designs continuing to increase in density and complexity, it’s more difficult and critical than ever to fully understand the impact of design decisions on your Power Distribution Network’s (PDN) voltage and current performance.

The PDN Analyzer™ powered by CST® for Altium Designer® allows you – the PCB Designer – to easily resolve PDN issues as they arise in your board layout process, all right within the unified design workspace that you use every day.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • How to analyze your layouts regarding density and voltage drops
  • Efficient use of this tool as part of the unified design process directly in your PCB editor
  • Optimization possibilities based on the results of this analysis
  • New and unique functionality of PDN 2.0

Request a free trial to see how Altium software can help you create products that drive the human experience forward.

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