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Surveillance Radar Coastal Network Safety at Sea – Detection & Tracking

In order to assure a constant and reliable monitoring of strategic areas on a marine environment, such as straits and gulfs, MetaSensing developed a coastal radar network consisting in a low power, compact, rapidly deployable and scalable network of radar sensors for short-medium range port surveillance of small craft. The network is composed by a variable number of both Surveillance and Imaging Radars. Each sensor can operate as a stand-alone system and independently from the network as well as in a network configuration.

The coherent FM-CW Surveillance Radar at X-band provides high resolution range profiles for detection and tracking capabilities. The two horizontally polarized slotted wave guide antennas, one for transmitting and one for receiving, are mounted on the rotator in order to perform the horizontal scanning required for the surveillance purposes. Moreover, the Surveillance Radar can be remotely locked and held for a pre-set amount of time to transmit and receive at a specific direction.

Surveillance and Target Recognition Radar Network

MetaSensing developed and installed the Surveillance and Target Recognition Radar Network to monitor marine and terrestrial strategic areas like military ports or border zones. The network is constituted by X-band radars of two kinds:

Scanning Surveillance X-band Radar (RXC-96)

Performing detection and tracking with a vertical fan beam, up to 80KM

Non-scanning X-band Imaging Radar (IR-ATR-22)

Performing target characterization with multiple wide-beam apertures, fully polarimetric, interferometric and ISAR capabilities, up to 10KM

Compact and low-cost, the nodes in the network feature reconfigurable bistatic networking: They can either operate as stand-alone radar units or they can bistatically interact with any other node in the network, making stealth targets more easily detectable. Synchronization of distinct radar units is effected via GPS signals.

Ultra Long Range Camera

In order to capture High Definition Picture and Video, Camera is important tools to get the right visual of object and easy to control, reliable and low maintenance. Metasensing CAM-DNLE-40 series combines full HD image resolution with high powered HD performance lens optics for delivering unprecedented image quality and detail for long range surveillance applications in the visible spectrum

• Full 1080p30 HDTV Images Resolution
• CMOS Progressive Scan Sensor, 1/2.7"
• True Day/Night Operation with Removable IR Cut Filter
• High Power HD Zoom Lens Options up 137.5x and 2,000mm
• HAFOV as low as 0.17 Degrees
• h.264/MJPEG Video Standards
• Web Server Configuration Operation and Viewing
• Wide Range, Variable Speed, Smooth Positioning Movements
• Camera Presets and Tours
• IP66/IP67 Ingress Protection
• -32'C to 60'C Operation
• 24Vdc Power Input
• Single Field Connector Installation

Automatic Weather Station

With Automatic Weather station, the remote island's conditions can be monitored and transmitted to Command Centre through communication link. AWS offer the basic weather parameters such as Wind Speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, humidity and rainfall rate.

Software Solution

To control one whole system, the software is divided into 2 main application which is island node and command centre node which can be controlled manually by operator. real-time control to radar, camera,information of AWS and object identification.