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CST MICROSTRIPES® is a powerful electromagnetic simulation tool based on the 3D TLM method. Key benefits include direct time-domain analysis, highly efficient automatic multi-grid (Octree) meshing and special techniques for simulating thin panel diffusion, absorber reflection, leakage through seam/vent apertures and field/wire interactions. These capabilities are very relevant and sometimes essential for simulating electromagnetic interactions in electronics systems with enclosures and cabling, full vehicle-level analysis and systems integration.

Applications include: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Antenna Design, Co-Site Analysis and Installed Antenna Performance.

Simulation of E3 effects in rotorcraft

CST MICROSTRIPES® is now integrated into the CST STUDIO SUITE™ enabling users to run the TLM solver directly in the CST STUDIO SUITE™ modeling interface. The integration also makes it possible to run the 3D TLM field solver in true transient co-simulation with CST CABLE STUDIO® and CST DESIGN STUDIO™. This offers unique and ground-breaking electromagnetic simulation capability for Engineers facing challenging EMC/EMI and antenna problems.

Success Stories


Analyzing Power Integrity Issues from Power Plane Interactions

When a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a power plane that is near to signal traces or other power planes, there is a significant risk of energy transfer between parts of the system. Not only does this coupling lead to power switching noise being transferred into data signals, it also means that power supply systems may demonstrate additional resonances that are not seen in the individual components. This can affect the power integrity of the PCB and may reduce its speed or reliability. This paper will explore some of the potential power integrity issues that can affect a PCB and explain how simulation can be used to help reduce these effects..Read full article..

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