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ECAD and MCAD Integration

IDF Modeler for Altium Designer

This product enables Altium users to perform ECAD/MCAD collaboration via the IDF format. IDF is an industry standard that allows the exchange of PCB design data between ECAD and MCAD systems.


  • Easy to use via a Workspace Panel
  • Supports IDF Route Keepouts via Top and Bottom Layer Keepout Fills and Regions
  • Supports IDF Place Outlines and Keepouts via Height rules
  • Supports IDF Place Regions
  • Supports IDF Placement Groups via Rooms
  • Bi-Directional – allows you to import changes into a PCB from IDF data
  • Tested with Pro/Engineer, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Solid Edge
  • Available for Altium Designer (all versions), DXP2004, DXP and
    Protel 99 SE
  • Allows you to export copper and silk screens (provided you have a Desktop EDA IDF reader)
  • Allows you to create Parts from Embedded Step Models (for SOLIDWORKS users)
  • Provides function to compare Board Shape, cut-outs, holes and component locations between the PCB and the IDF data
  • Supports IDF Versions 2 and 3
  • Supports automatic conversion of embedded stop models when used with the Desktop EDA IDF Modelers for SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Solid Edge

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