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CST PARTICLE STUDIO® (CST PS) is a specialist tool for the fast and accurate analysis of charged particle dynamics in 3D electromagnetic fields. This software tool is based on the multi-purpose 3D EM modules in CST STUDIO SUITE™ such as the CST EM STUDIO® electro and magnetostatic solver. It is fully embedded in CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT, thus benefitting from its intuitive modelling capabilities and powerful import interfaces. CST PS is based on the knowledge, research and development that went into the algorithms used in the MAFIA-4 simulation package.

Applications include: Particle Sources, Accelerator Components, Electron Tubes and Wake Field Simulation

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"Electromagnetic simulation using CST EM STUDIO is now established at the heart of these significant improvements to the development and manufacturing processes. The software has been extremely reliable, robust and efficient. The EMS development team reacts swiftly to our needs and feature requests and is always receptive to new ideas and suggestions. As a result we believe that in addition to the powerful features in CST EMS, product support has also contributed to the success of EM simulation at Sirona"

Guido Scheibl, Sirona Dental Systems GmbH

Success Stories

Analyzing Power Integrity Issues from Power Plane Interactions

When a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a power plane that is near to signal traces or other power planes, there is a significant risk of energy transfer between parts of the system. Not only does this coupling lead to power switching noise being transferred into data signals, it also means that power supply systems may demonstrate additional resonances that are not seen in the individual components. This can affect the power integrity of the PCB and may reduce its speed or reliability. This paper will explore some of the potential power integrity issues that can affect a PCB and explain how simulation can be used to help reduce these effects..Read full article..

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